Data for IP::Country::Fast

I run mail servers, don't like spam and use standard techniques such as Spamassassin. Unfortunately a littla extra work is needed if you want to filter by country of relay.

I make these two files available since I went to the trouble of making them, the copies at are rather old including Hege's ones and it takes a little effort to do it.

No warranty and if it blows up in your face tough etc. These are June 2014 vintage. Obviously they're not really GIFs so you will want to "Copy Link", fetch with say wget or the BSD FTP tool and not just click on them. Then install as described at the page linked to above.


I have run mail servers (MTAs, POP3 and IMAP with spam checking etc.) including ones for small to medium sized companies for over a decade.
Any more information on how all this works would require consultancy unless I really like you or what you represent.

Jon Schneider