AXIS (Milton) Ltd a consultancy involved in the kinds of work listed below.
Hardware/software/production/quality for two generations of this Rover 800 body/security controller spanning a five year period. For readers with that car it is mounted just above the accelerator.

A new 2 ASIC for a simpler body controller

Control software for this Peltier driven temperature calibrator made in Duxford

Work in progress ! Simulation of an FPGA design destined for the 36" telescope at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge

The 36". This is in use whenever weather permits.
The scope's electronics. Mostly power supplies and a nixie tube counter but you can just about make out the ISA speedwire card being prodded by a friend. Also jars of Ribena and something sold as coffee.

More telescope information here.

Prototype vehicle ID unit for a tracking application.

Fixed some LART units that were born with defects. Also wrote some code to excercise the DRAM through JTAG.
Acquisition board. Xilinx Spartan II FPGA, PIC micro, USB interface, some ADCs.

Server/service diagnostics Centos support

AXIS (Milton) Ltd
22 Green Park

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